A change to technology.

At Oaklands, we are proud to boast that many of our care home systems
have been digitalized. With the support of technology, you can rest assured
that your loved ones will receive only the best care possible.

Digital Care Planning

We have introduced digital care planning (Person Centred Software) so now all our record keeping with daily notes and care planning can be digital; thus making our systems more efficient, accurate and robust. The care team no longer have to document everything with pen and paper – all records are now digital!

Digital Medication Systems

Our "Atlas System" is proven to increase resident safety and improves the care home's efficiency. Some of the benefits provided by the Atlas System are as follows:


Barcode safety - Atlas PCS (the hand-held device used by staff) shows the medications that should be administered. We simply pick the packet and scan the pharmacy label using the barcode reader. Atlas PCS runs automatic safety checks (medication, dose, timing, recipient) and flags up any potential issues.

Reduced medication errors - Research carried out by Cardiff University has proved that Atlas PCS eradicated 21 out of 23 types of medication errors in care homes - errors that often posed significant risk to residents.

Property-wide CCTV

Following the introduction of CCTV at our sister care home, Richmond Court, we have seen excellent results when it comes to maintaining resident safety, and thus have established a similar system within Oaklands. CCTV is used only in communal areas and NOT in the private spaces occupied by your loved ones (such as bedroom/toilets/bathrooms). If you have any potential objections or concerns regarding this, feel free to contact us.